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Godless was a science fiction fanzine by Bruce D. Arthurs.

Godless was published in Fort Lee, Virginia, U.S.A. in the 1970s. Issue 3 was released in Spring 1973, and the last issue, 14, in September 1976.

Contributors of writing included Dave Locke (Pelf, Awry), among others.

Contributors of artwork included Bruce Townley (Oblong), among others.

In an issue from 1973, Arthurs interviewed Roger Elwood, editor of Science Fiction anthologies during that time the article, "Roger Elwood: A Personal Reaction", which appeared in Godless, and was later reprinted in Dick Geis' Science Fiction Review.

Darroll Pardoe, in Checkpoint 47 from April 1974, says of issue 6; "Reasonable material, a mixture of sercon and fannish, and an interesting letter... " and Checkoint 51, from August 1974, says of issue 7; "Nice furry animal article by Dave Locke. Imagine leaving a guard-spider in your house! Incidentally, Bruce, Godless arrived on July 25th.

Bruce D. Arthurs also published the fan anthology Fanthology 75.