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Glag is a zine created by former priest Howard Zepp. The zine name comes from a story: a man stuffed a live grenade in his mouth. Someone asked him why he did it and all the man could say was, "Glaggg."

Glag started off as a catalog without any real zines. The idea was that people would send in money and that Howard would write the zines they paid for. As it turned out, there were only three or four people sick enough to send in money for the titles Howard proposed in the catalog: The Masterbatory Secrets of Jesus Christ, Adolph and Eva, Bob Flanagan, a map of local crack houses and murder sites etc, so Howard only ended up making one zine, the first issue of Glag.

It had stories about Jesus fucking and jerking off, a made up story about Bob Flanagan, the murder Dipemdra, gay FLDS lost boys, tranny porn and even saint cards with strange monster saints. Since then, there's been a second issue "I (heart) black bitches", mostly Islamic gay porn about Mohammid, more tranny sex, incest and a long rolicky story imagining Prussian Blue, the racist girl folk band, after they grow up and leave the hate farm to do porn.

Issue three is out in September 2009 and it's title is "Eat My Fuck", a large digest sized zine completely full of straight SMBD/murder smut dedicated to Jethra Black, famed underground porn actress and poetess.

Issue four is currently underway. Its a novella called, "What I jerked off to in Paris" and is also dedicated to Jethra Black.

Howard is know to write under the psuedonym, Joe Biel.