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Born in August of 2006, Gentle Graffiti is a Washington, D.C., USA-based zine representing the poetry, humor, spiritual exploration, illustration, photography, musical tastes and distastes, local folk lore, and found materials of its’ two founders, Allie Schreck and Stephanie deSocio, and their friends.

The zine is sometimes printed in color, other times in the traditionally zinester black and white.

Along with three issues already in print, Gentle Graffiti operates a blog which serves as an online extension of the printed version. Featuring updates from four of Gentle Graffiti’s regular contributors Ross McDermott, Lex Robertson, Stephanie deSocio and Allie Schreck, daily posts include music videos, information on shows and exhibits, comics, jokes, and pop culture oddities meant to tide over all those who anxiously await their print copies in the mail.

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