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Folk Scene was a small press magazine devoted to folk music edited and published by Dave Moran and Stuart Wallace.

Published in the UK, Folk Scene was released in the 1960s. At least 9 issues appeared.

During the run of the magazine, a privately pressed, mail order only vinyl LP Folk Scene: A Selection of Songs from Britain's Finest Folk Music Magazine was released as an issue for the year 1966. Musicians that appeared on side one of the album were Malcolm Price Trio; Martin Carthy; John Pearse with Martin Carthy; Shirley Collins; Bill Clifton; Owen Hand; and Alex Campbell with John Pearse. Side two featured John Pearse; Nigel Denver; Pete Stanley, Dave Wiseman and Wizz Jones; The Leesiders; Colin Wilkie; and John Foreman.

Contributors included Tony Glover, who wrote about the American Folk festival scene circa 1966/7.

Dave Moran was also the lead singer of 'The Halliard' who, along with members Nic Jones and Nigel Paterson, were the resident group at the White Hart Folk Club, Tindal Street, Chelmsford.

Folk Scene was one of a handful of fanzines devoted to folk music that were published in the 1950s and 1960s. In the 1950s in the UK, John Brunner published Noise Level and Michael Moorcock released Rambler; in Canada, Ontario's Hoot and Sing and String, and British Columbia's Singalong! were published; in the U.S.A.Lee Hoffman released the first folk fanzine, Caravan, followed by Gardyloo, after which titles such as The Broadside of Boston,The Little Sandy Review, The Songmakers Almanac, and Tune Up appeared. Later in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s, other folk music zines, such as Folks, continued to be published.

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