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La Fanzinoteca is a independent and autonomous Library/Archive for free consultation, which contains an archive of zines, hand made books and other difficult classification editions. It was founded on 2007, and holds over 1500 catalogued publications.

La Fanzinoteca Ambulant is a traveling module created to move selections of the archive to schools, events and fairs.

The intention is to move this module to create public spaces for different points of itinerant consultation and propose parallel relationship about the zine. In parallel, the fanzinoteca conducted a research on such publications, to edit her fanzine Minca and expand its collection. In this archive you can find zines like Strange Orange, Smile, Entremettrum, Pigguts, Tom's Fanzine, Chuck Norris, Pez, Garabattage, Minca, Arreplegator, El Naufraguito, La escuela Moderna, All is full of plastic, Space Sioux and many more.

Module in expansion La Fanzinoteca Ambulant are very interested in expanding this file with the collaboration of the people.


Carrer Santa Eulalia 21 1er, 08012 Barcelona, SPAIN (+34) 932 077 085

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