Fairytales in the Supermarket

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Fairytales in the Supermaket is a zine written in 2009 by Sydney, Australia resident Emma Davidson.

The zine is laid out in an alphabetical format and describes the drudgery of various retail jobs that Emma has worked, including Woolworths supermarket. Illustrated with vintage advertisements, Fairytales in the Supermarket relates the demoralizing truth about working "behind the counter."

The Sticky Institute Sporadic Monthly Newsletter reviewed the zine, saying "Initially I was hesitant about the quality of this zine, given that it has a light pink cover and after reading Vintageland, I was ready to do away with all my pink-coloured possessions. But I was horribly wrong. This zine is amazing...Scattered throughout the zine are cut out pictures from catalogues, some with funny captions by the author, but it’s the tone of the writing that makes this zine amazing. For anyone who has any experience working in the retail industry, you have to read this zine."

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