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Evan Ginzburg is a zine editor and a long-time zine writer, educator and Flushing, Queens-based online radio personality. He is also the author of the book "Apartment 4B, Like in Brooklyn," an autobiographical collection of short stories about growing up in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, in the 1960s and '70s. He is actively involved in the entertainment industry as a publicist, promoter, booker and MC.

Ginzburg acts as the editor for Wrestling Then & Now, He also edited a zine compiling his father's stories of driving a New York taxicab called HEY CABBY! A New York Cab Driver’s Million Miles Behind the Wheel, which was included in the 2002 tour of North America by Mobilivre-Bookmobile, the travelling library of independent publications.

Ginzburg was on of the zine editors who participated in the June 10, 2007 Bluestockings Zine Reading Extravaganza, reading from his zine Wrestling Then & Now.


"Apartment 4B, Like in Brooklyn" reviews

  • Fred Argoff from Brooklyn Magazine, Issue #52
  • Fred Geobold, WBAI-FM 99.5 NYC
  • Wendy Zarganis, Your Guide to New York: Brooklyn
  • Tom Filsinger [1]
  • The Fevered Brain of Radio Mike [2]