En Garde (Ashley)

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En Garde
Issue 8 December 1943
Cover art by Al Ashley and Jack Weidenbeck

En Garde was a science fiction fanzine by Abby Lu Ashley and Al Ashley.

Published in Battle Creek, Michigan, U.S.A. during the 1940s, En Garde was an APA zine distributed by the Fantasy Amateur Press Association.

Each issue featured air-brushed covers, each created individually, one at a time by Jack Weidenbeck and Al Ashley, and assisted by Abby Lu Ashley, and Earl Perry.

Writing was by Abby Lu Ashley, Al Ashley, writing about his concept of the Slan Center, and Jack Weidenbeck, reviewing the artwork in zines in his column "The Fapictorial Review".

Along with Atres Artes, Black Flames, Chanticleer, Fan, Guteto, Ichor, Le Zombie, Lethe, Nova, Shangri L'Affaires, The Timebinder, and Voice of the Imagi-Nation, En Garde was included in the anthology fanzine Pacificon Combozine for the 1946 Pacificon Fourth World Science-Fiction Convention.

Abby Lu Ashley, Al Ashley and Jack Weidenbeck also co-edited Nova fanzine, with E.Everett Evans.