Eclipse (Thompson)

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Eclipse is a science fiction fanzine by Ray Thompson.

Published in the 1950s, in Norfolk, Nebraska, U.S.A.. Eclipse was a dittoed fanzine.

Contributors of columns included Marian Cox (The Femizine). Contributors of fiction included Celia Block, and Lew A. Gaff. Poetry was contributed by Rory Faulkner (Shangri L'Affaires), and Isabelle Dinwiddle.

John Ledyard's review from Peon #28, from September 1953, calls it, "A rather entertaining new face on the fan scene, with stories by Celia Block and Lew A. Gaff, a column by Marian Cox, poetry by Isabelle Dinwiddie and Rory Faulkner, and miscellaneous stuff, including a contest. Reproduction is good, on a whole, and there's a fairly high level for the material."