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Eclipse was a science fiction fanzine published by Richard Kuhn and other editors.

The first issue of Eclipse appeared in 1941. It was published in Detroit, Michigan. U.S.A., and was the official publication of the Detroit Science Fictioneers, and shared the same headquarters. Other members of the group are Lynn Bridges, Rudy Sayn, Eugene Calewaert, Jack Jones, Seymour Kaptoansky, Katherine Merousson, and Lee O'Connell. It was a twenty page, mimeographed publication that featured science fiction writing and reviews of the latest 'pulp' SF prozines and books by SF authors.

Listed in a review of Eclipse in the September 1941 issue of the pulp mag Starling Stories as co-editors are Lynn Bridges and Rudy Sayn, along with Richard Kuhn.

The last and fifth issue appeared in February 1942.