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E. War is a Canadian east coast zinester who has been publishing since 1998.

E.war began photocopying in high school, starting with the monthly sheet the voice, containing lists, stories, poetry, rants, and the art of stoned friends. After a short hiatus during post-secondary education, a return to publishing in 2001 resulted in Free the Leeches. FTL was created as a protest of a sinking relationship that turned into a personal expressive art zine. FTL ran for 6 issues and then died unceremoniously. Fag Punk reared its sexy head in 2003 when E.war discovered Adobe Indesign. What started out as a joke and practice piece became a fluid entity in which E.war could finally express thoughts about a sexually explicit lifestyle with justification. In its seventh issue and still layed out digitally, Fag Punk continues on. A chunk of one-shots dot the landscape of E.war's zine-making, including; Empty and Fold (Dec 2005), consisting of personal photos and stories; Evidence: a mix tape of paper (Feb 2009), a paper trail of evidence to the life; Wild and Radical Remedies (summer 2007), e.war's intro into herbal medicine, including a personal experience with poison ivy.

E.war is still publishing Fag Punk when ever there is enough content to be exploited, in between drinking binges.

E.war now lives in S. Ontario, Canada, and is the founder of Liber Libri Hamilton Zine Library and running the "look mum!" distro.