Drinking Sweat In The Ash Age

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Drinking Sweat In The Ash Age was a zine written by Mike Taylor and Travis Fristoe of Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.

The collaborative one-shot zine was organized by topic, with each author writing about subjects such as chess, punk rock, and irony. Mark Murrmann of BlankGeneration.com favorably reviewed the zine, saying the "articles are critical, intelligent and engaging, but most of all, they are fun to read" ("If You Die, and Go to Hell, Who Cares?" column, 9/13/2000).

Drinking Sweat in the Ash Age was one of the zines included in the 2002 tour of North America by the travelling library of independent publications, Mobilivre-Bookmobile. Selections were also featured in volume 5 of Zine Yearbook.

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