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Issue 3 Summer 1980
Cover art by Donna Gordon

Dragonfields was a fantasy fanzine by Charles de Lint and Charles Saunders.

Dragonfields was published in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, by Triskell Press. Four issues appeared, although not always under that title.

The first issue was published in Spring 1978, called Dragonbane, and edited by Charles Saunders. In the autumn of that year issue two followed, edited by de Lint, this time with the title Beyond the Fields We Know. The titles were then merged as Dragonfields for two more issue; issue three, which was released in Summer 1980, and issue four, appearing in Winter 1983.

Contributors of fiction included Caradoc A. Cador, Adrian Chadwick, Galad Elflandsson, Sharon Lee, Tanith Lee, Richard K. Lyon, David Madison, Albert J. Manachino, Ardath Mayhar, Andrew Offut, Diana L. Paxson, Georgie Schnobrich, Darrell Schweitzer, and Thomas Burnett Swann.

Contributors of non fiction included Michael E. Ambrose, Don Herron, Michael Moorcock (A Fanzine Called Eustace, Typo, Rambler), Charles Saunders, and Karl Edward Wagner.

Poetry was by Joseph Payne Brenner (in Beyond The Fields We Know) (Macabre, Essence), Joy Chant, Michael Danagher, Thomas M. Egan, Joey Froehlich, Dwight E. Humphries, David Madison, Diana L. Paxson, Jessica Amanda Salmonson (in Beyond The Fields We Know) (Fantasy Macabre), Stephanie Stearns, Sharrie n'ha Verana, Charles de Lint as 'Wendelessen', and Robin Williamson.

Also included was a reprint of the poem, "The Sands of the Desert" by Robert E. Howard.

Covers were by Donna Gordon. Illustrators included Clifford Bird, Barry Blair, Heather Brown, John Charrette, Liz Danforth (Impulse), Dan Day, Gene Day (Dark Fantasy), Danielle Dupont, Rudi Frank, Donna Gordon, Dale Hammell, C. Lee Healy, Jason Keehn, Tanith Lee, Ken Raney (Fantasae), Georgie Schnobrich, Dave Sim, David Sweet, Charles Vess, Heather Webster, and Wallace Wood, among others.

Charles R. Saunders also published the fantasy fanzine Stardock.