Diane DiMassa

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Diane DiMassa is an artist and a zinester.

In 1991, Diane DiMassa published her first minicomic, Hothead Paisan, featuring her character "Hothead Paisan". It was released by DiMassa under her own imprint called Giant Ass Publishing. The title was successful, and she continued releasing issues throughout the 1990's and 2000's. She has self published 21 issues as well as a one-shot issue featured Hothead's cat "Chicken". In the nineties, the issues were collected in book form and several anthologies were released. The "Hothead Paisan" character has been featured on t-shirts and posters, and other items, including "Hothead Paisan" chocolate bars, have also appeared.

Her work has been profiled in a number of publications, magazines and zines, including Slut Magnet. As well, she is featured in the short film Hotheads, directed by Jennie Livingston and released in 1993.

Diane DiMassa also contributed to a number of zines and comic anthologies and continues to do so. She illustrated her first full-length graphic novel in 2006, Jokes and the Unconscious, written by Daphne Gottlieb.




  • Juicy Mother Two: How They Met, edited by Jennifer Camper, Manic D Press, 2007
  • Jokes and the Unconscious, written by Daphne Gottlieb, Cleis Press, 2006
  • Juicy Mother, edited by Jennifer Camper, Soft Skull Press, 2006
  • Complete Hothead Paisan, Cleis Press, 1999
  • The Revenge of Hothead Paisan: Homocidal Lesbian Terrorist, Cleis Press
  • Hothead Paisan: Homocidal Lesbian Terrorist, Cleis Press, 1993

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