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==External Links==
==External Links==
More information can be found at http://www.mysmallwebpage.com.
* More information can be found at http://www.mysmallwebpage.com.
Delaine's Small Diary egroup is at the following address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SmallDiary/
* Delaine's Small Diary egroup is at the following address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SmallDiary/

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Delaine Derry Green (born Delaine Anna Derry, Galion, Ohio, 1970) initially created My Small Diary autobiographical comics in 1993, a year after receiving her BFA from Auburn University. The strips were initially sent for publication in such zines as Brave New Tick and White Buffalo Gazette. The first compilation zine of My Small Diary strips came out in 1995. Not My Small Diary, a compilation of other artists' auto-bio comics, was first released in 1996. Still going strong, these comic zines have attracted a diverse contributor base including such names as Ed Repka, Andi Watson, Hilary Barta, Carrie McNinch, Missy Kulik, John Porcellino, Dave Kiersh, Brian Buniak, Edward Bolman, Jeff Zenick, Ian Carney, Jonathan Edwards, Wil Kane, Dan Moynihan, Donna Barr and hundreds more.

As of mid-2006 there were twelve issues of NMSD and three issues of MSD available. These zines have appeared in the following museum shows: "Dark Matter" at the Baltimore Museum of Art, 2004; "Art of Zines" at the San Jose Museum of Art, 2004; "Dear Diary: The Autobiographical Comic Book" at the Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, 2006. The Small Diary zines have ridden aboard the Mobilivre traveling bookmobile. They appear in several library collections including ones in Denver, Seattle and Utah among others.

Widely praised for excellent layout and design, the Small Diary collection has been well received by reviewers and readers the world over. NMSD and MSD have appeared on the Favorite Zine list of the now defunct Zine Guide publication. The books have been sold in stores such as Atomic Books, Quimby's and Tower Records as well as through several distros.

Over the years Delaine has contributed artwork to a number of zines and books including Fun Facts by Eric Lyden, Strum & Drang by Joel Orff, SemiBold by Kathy Moseley, Back of a Car by Judith Beeman, Potluck and Low Hug by A.J. Michel, Unicorn by Dave Kiersh, Hungover Gourmet by Dan Taylor, Tearjerker by Misun Oh, Java Turtle by Lynne Lowe, White Buffalo Gazette by Maximum Traffic, Food Geek by Carrie McNinch, Scout Zine by Scout, Driver's Side Airbag by Michael Halchin, Brave New Tick by Paul Normal Dion-Deitch and more.

Delaine belongs to an APA called Cartoon Loonacy, is a member of AIGA and has attended small press conventions such as APE, SPX, Fluke and Zine-a-polooza. She is currently working on MSD 4 and NMSD13, due out in late 2006.

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