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Dark Fantasy was a literary horror fanzine by Howard Eugene (Gene} Day (1951-1982).

Gene Day began publishing Dark Fantasy in 1973 in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada. A total of 22 issues were published, the last issue in 1980. Issues 12 and 13 were lost by the printer but issue 12 was later reconstructed and printed after issue 19 had come out in 1979. Gene Day died before issue 13 could be reconstructed.

Writing contributors included Bill Baron, Dan Day, Gordon Derevanchuk, Tom Egan, Steve Eng, Joe Erslavas, Ken Huff, Gale Jack, David Mowry, Charles R. Saunders, Dorothy Wagner, Neal Wilgus, Richard deWolfe.

Art contributors included Gene Day, Larry Dickison, Tim Hammell,