Colouring Outside The Lines

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Colouring Outside The Lines is a UK zine featuring interviews with contemporary female artists; illuminating various corners of current female artistic and creative activity.

"Here were girls encouraging each other, directly and indirectly, to put their ideas into the world."

Issue 1

Published in August 2005, Issue #1 featured interviews with: Lisa Petrucci, Guerrilla Girls, Ariel Schrag, Juliet Martin, Gina Garan, Jeremy Dennis, Elizabeth McGrath, Nikki McClure, Lady Lucy, Jacinta Bunnell, Allison Cole, Dame Darcy, Kathleen Lolley, Isy, Tara McPherson, Cat Mazza, Jill Emery, Missy Kulik, Debbie Dreschler, Shelley Sacks, Wynne Greenwood.

Issue 1 is available from Manifesta Distro, Here (Bristol), OK Comics (Leeds), Roku Distro (Todmorden), Sister George Distro (Leeds), Basement Bookstore (Manchester), Bluestocking Books (New York) and eBay.

Issue 2

Published in August of 2006, Issue #2 features interviews with: Vanessa Davis, Yoko Kikuchi, Cristy Road, Jean Smith, Colleen Coover, Marion Peck, Nicole Steen, Sarah Dyer, Simone Lia, Alison Bechdel, Penny Van Horn, Renee French, Sarah Utter and artwork by artists from Sweden, UK, France, USA, China, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan and Belgium.

Issue 2 of the zine is currently only available in the UK at OK Comics (Thornton's Arcade, Leeds, UK). Available soon from Manifesta distro and the Lordy Lord boutique (Merrion Centre, Leeds, UK).



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