Clamor (Infoshop)

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Clamor Infoshop was the outlet for the items sold by Clamor Magazine. The InfoSHOP online store was part of the InfoSHOPdirect program, designed to be an alternative system for processing online orders for independent media producers. In addition to selling issues of magazines, t-shirts, and books produced by Clamor staff, the InfoSHOP also sold other magazines, books, CDs, and radical art.

Shortly after Clamor ceased publication in 2006, it also closed both its Infoshop and the InfoSHOPdirect program, leaving its clients without an ordering fulfillment service. At the time, Clamor's co-founder Jen Angel stated that one of Clamor's creditors had frozen its bank account and blocked the transfer of ownership of the InfoSHOP to a third party.