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Chay-Ya Clancy is an artist and zinester based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Chay-Ya’s zine practice has moved from a traditional cut and paste format, into works that utilise a range of printing and binding process to produce works that may be more traditionally defined as artists’ books.


Email: chay_ya [at] hotmail [dot] com


  • Signal periodical #1-(2008) a collaborative zine developed through a series of workshops exploring print process, screen printing, bookbinding and distribution, coordinated by Cya-Ya Clancy.
  • A perfect stillness where everything moves (2008) a 44 page zine/catalogue produced as an extension of the exhibition of the same name, published in a limited edition of 200.
  • Sanctuary (2006): a zine/catalogue produced as an extension of the solo exhibition The Workshop, Melbourne, November 2006, in an edition of 100.
  • Waking 2 (2006): a zine/catalogue produced as an extension of Waking Two, group exhibition at Wolf Manor, Surry Hills, Sydney, N.S.W., September 2006, as part of Verge Arts Festival.
  • Waking (2006): a zine/catalogue produced as an extension of the group exhibition of the same name at Fracture Theatre, Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria, July 2006, in an edition of 150.
  • Cerebral acrobatics #1-6 (2002?-2006): ‘’’Cerebral acrobatics’’’ evolved from early numbers, which appeared as black and white photocopied arts/perzine, through to its conclusion on issue six as a ten-part mixed media (e.g. cardboard, recycled paper, calico, transparency film, drawings, and photographs) artists’ book.

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