Burning Churches or Hardly Burning?

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Burning Churches or Hardly Burning? An important question answered by 16 trve artists in display of illustration, writings, comix, photos and more. Available HERE

Artists Featured

  • Cameron Zavala
  • Corpse Paint The World
  • Coozilpm
  • Crypt Possum
  • Five O'Clock Zine
  • Geist Artist
  • Gutter Gear
  • iesorno
  • Jaimie Filer
  • Jason Evil Covelli
  • Kelly X5
  • Livor Mortis Zine
  • Mike Diana
  • Perfect Day Records
  • Russell Taysom
  • Serial Killers Unite Zine


A proportion of zine sales will go directly to Ritual Abuse Network Scotland (RANS), formerly known as IZZY'S PROMISE, who support victims of religious and ritual abuse.

Find out more @ http://www.rans.org.uk/

Links to similar champions:

Highly confidential support and information for young people and children that have experienced any form of abuse

A very good site for all things relating to child exploitation online

For anonymous reporting of crime including all forms of abuse

  • S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse (Website is blocked by the ZineWiki spam filter)

​A USA based ritual abuse newsletter and information site