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Issue 2 Spring 1979
Cover art by Stephen E. Fabian and Derek Sarty

Borealis was a science fiction fanzine published by Northern Star Press in Canada.

The first issue was released in Halifax, Nova Scotia by John Bell and Alain Chabot in Summer 1978.

This issue featured cover art work by Tim Hammell, and Cathy Lamb, a portfolio of the art work of Gene Day, editor of Dark Fantasy, and illustrations by Clyde Caldwell, Derek Carter, Gene Day, George Freeman, Jack Gaughan, William Rotsler, Derek Sarty, and Dave Sim.

Included is the editorial "Two Solitudes" by Alain Chabot and John Bell; and the articles "Our Man In Boskone" by Alain Chabot, reporting on "Boskone", the Boston convention; "The Adventure School" by Don Grant, writing on fantasy writer Robert E. Howard, Darrel Crombie, and Adventure Magazine; "On Spider Robinson" by Jack Gaughan; and Norbert Spehner, on '"SF in Quebec: A Historical Survey".

Contributions of fiction included the story "Apogee", by Spider Robinson.

Letters came from Hal Foster, who the first issue is dedicated to.

The second issue appeared in Spring 1979, wand was edited by John Bell.

Cover art was by Stephen E. Fabian, and Derek Sarty. Back cover art was by Gene Day. It included a comic strip by Dave Sims, and a portfolio of Rand Gaynor's art work, and illustrations by George Freeman, and Roy Krenkel.

Included is the editorial "One Solitude" by John Bell, and the articles included "The Hell-Bound Bus" by Spider Robinson, and "Farmer of the Apes" by Charles Saunders (Dragonfields, Stardock), writing on Philip Jose Farmer's Tarzan related books; and John Bell writing on James deMille, author of 'A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder'.

Poetry was contributed by John Robert Columbo.

John Bell later wrote and edited a number of books, including several on comics such as Canuck Comics (1986), Guardians of the North (1992), and Invaders from the North (2006); on science fiction such as Visions from the Edge (1981, with Lesley Choyce); and on history, such as Halifax: A Literary Portrait (1990), and Confederate Seadog (2002), his own poetry books. and was editor of the poetry journal Arc.

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