Black Lesbian President

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Black Lesbian President is a fanzine from Cardiff, South Wales in the UK.

This zine has since changed it's name to Jerk Store.


1 - Death Is Not Glamorous, Shook Ones, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, The King Blues and Ruin You. Plus Leatherface discussion, Heavens To Betsy profile, reviews etc.

2 - Defiance Ohio, State Run, You Me And The Atom Bomb, Four Dumb Kids and[Blanketarms. Plus Squirrel Bait profile, Helium and Nonmeansno]] articles, rants, books and reviews etc.

3 - Yo, Man, Go!, Gunrack, Mose Giganticus, End Of A Year, Quote/Unquote Records and Mika Miko. Plus Young Pioneers profile, lots of discussions and rants, reviews etc.

4 - Fest 6 Tour Report, Lemuria, Wayward Council (record shop) and Blackbeard.