Black Lesbian President

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Black Lesbian President is a fanzine from Cardiff, South Wales in the UK by Alex Leech.

This zine has focused on a mix of band interviews, personal writing, reviews and various other music-related articles. The name paraphrases a remark made by Henry Rollins about Condoleezza Rice. It is NOT associated with any Morrissey lyrics.

Format and History

After being inspired by other local zines Artcore and Mad Monks, Alex co-wrote a short-lived scrappy cut'n'paste fanzine called Zineophobia in 2004 that ran for three issues. The first issue of Black Lesbian President was written during the summer of 2006, first available that August. Subsequent issues have been released approximately every six months since then.

Since the 2008 Whitehouse race between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama the irony of the zine's name began to wear off, Alex plans the next issue to be called Jerk Store.


1 - Death Is Not Glamorous, Shook Ones, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, The King Blues and Ruin You. Plus Leatherface discussion, Heavens To Betsy profile, reviews etc.

2 - Defiance Ohio, State Run, You Me And The Atom Bomb, Four Dumb Kids and[Blanketarms. Plus Squirrel Bait profile, Helium and Nonmeansno]] articles, rants, books and reviews etc.

3 - Yo, Man, Go!, Gunrack, Mose Giganticus, End Of A Year, Quote/Unquote Records and Mika Miko. Plus Young Pioneers profile, lots of discussions and rants, reviews etc.

4 - Fest 6 Tour Report, Lemuria, Wayward Council (record shop) and Blackbeard.