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Bi Community News is a community press zine about bisexuality, bi life, bisexuals in the wider world and the UK bisexual community / scene. The name was decided by a vote of people attending a conference on bisexuality, following a discussion workshop on the need for an independent bisexual press due to the lack of such a voice.

It has been published since 1995, initially every month, and (at 2011) is still publishing regularly six times a year. More than 100 issues have been printed.

Up to issue 100 it was printed A4 size in black and white. Since around issue 100 the cover is now in full colour. Most editions are 12 or 16 pages long.

BCN (as it is more often called) has a Constitution which reads:

1. There shall be a bisexual magazine/newsletter

2. It shall not print poetry

Over the years it has had links to other bisexual zines, including reproducing comic strips from Red Hanky Panky in each of the first 51 issues of BCN, and inspiring the spoof zine Bike Immunity News whose title is a pun on the name of BCN.

Since around 2000 it has been edited by Jen Yockney. The early issues were produced by a collective and had a "rotating editor" arrangement with a change in the person taking the helm on each edition.

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