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Beabohema was a science fiction fanzine by Francis G. 'Frank' Lunney.

Beabohema was published in Quakerstown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. in the 1960s. Issue 1 appeared in 1968, and twenty issues were released in all, the last one in December 1971.

Contributors of artwork included Al Andrews, Grant Canfield, Derek Carter, Gabe Eisenstein, Mike Gilbert, Robert E. Gilbert, Bill Marsh, Jim McLeod, William Rotsler, and James Shull (The Essence).

Issue 17 featured a collection of the artwork of Hannes Bok.

Contributors of writing included Robert Bloch, Will Bog, David R. Bunch, Seth Dogramajian (Exile), Leonid Doroschenko, Dale A. Goble, Joe Hensley, Gary Hubbard, Arnie Katz (FIAWOL), Jerry Kaufman (The Spanish Inquisition), Leo P. Kelley, James Koval, Denny Lein, Faith Lincoln, Robert Margroff, Bill Marsh, Andy Offut, R.H. Racwain, Ken Scher, Ron Smith (Inside and Science Fiction Advertiser), Al Snider (Crossroads), and Ted White (Egoboo).

Contributors of columns included "Babble" by Piers Anthony, "Entropy Reprints" by Terry Carr (Lighthouse), and "The Way Station" by Dean R. Koontz (SF Opinion).

In his book, How Precious Was That While, Piers Anthony writes, "...Another fanzine was Frank Lunney's Beabohema. He offered me a column, I agreed, and the resulting controversy elevated his fanzine to Hugo-nominee status. When another faned (=fan editor) asked me to contribute to his fanzine, and I politely declined, being already overcommitted, he then published an attack on me by several other writers, including Wilson Tucker, and didn't send me a copy. Several pros responded in my defence, including Harry Harrison and Harlin Ellison. When I finally got a copy via other channels, I responded in Beabohema, so that the errant faned wouldn't get the benefit, and refuted all the charges, which were pretty much made from whole cloth. So that, too, was quite a ride."

Letters came from Alpajpuri (Carandaith), James Blish (The Planeteer), Redd Boggs, Ned Brooks, Ed Cox, Michael E. Dobson, Jack Gaughan, Lee Hoffman (Science Fiction Five Yearly), Robert Silverberg (Spaceship), Norman Spinrad, and Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons).