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Asha Anderson is a zine editor from Nevada, U.S.A.

Asha Anderson did five issues of the zine Reddog Review before indefinitely suspending the title in 2003. After that she published a selection of her poetry in a slim volume called After Hours. She then started a poetry journal called Ash Canyon Review and created a website for the Ash Canyon Poets, a long standing critique group in Carson City, Nevada. Due to clashing personalities and conflicts of opinion this publication was discontinued after only two issues. After that she did a new zine and website called Driftwork with an anything goes format, more to her liking. The first (and last) issue came out in the summer of 2006.

Before that (1970s), she was assistant editor and writer for the Brijbasi Spirit, a now defunct journal for a yoga community. She and the rest of the press left the group abruptly when the political climate became life threatening. In the 80s, she founded SkyRiver Press. It consisted of three letterpresses (two table tops and a 1/2 ton floor model). These days SkyRiver Press is digital. Her poetry has appeared in small journals, zines, and newspapers. Opinionated and outspoken, Asha has been a participant in the ongoing battles and discussions at alt.zines and misc.writing over the years. She currently does several blogs, including Language Barrier and Anna Sadhorse. She lives in Nevada where she continues to write and submit to other people's publications. Most recently Skidrow Penthouse published two of her poems, "Pele" and "Skin Trade".

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