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Arreplegator 61 Special Perpinyà

Arreplegator is a free zine about the human towers done by university students in Barcelona. "Human towers" is a old tradition on the zone of Valls, Catalunya, you can know more clicking here.

Published in Catalan. A4 paper fold in a A5 and clamped. First page in green (or similar) and inside, all printed in black and white.

The zine started his publication in the same day the colla (team) was created, on 1995. During all this period the zine has never stopped publishing articles and photos about human towers and other themes about what's happening really at the colla. There are some first numbers published in the web in PDF so you can have a look, or go directly clicking here.

Other Zines about Human Towers

  • Anxoveta
    • Zine published by the colla of the University of Girona
  • 4 Dracs
    • Zine published by students of the university of Lleida
  • La Revista
    • Zine published by the students of the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona
Arreplegator 57 University of Architecture in Barcelona


  • arreplegats (a) arreplegats(dot)cat

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