Angel of Death

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Angel of Death zine published by Doom combined the macabre and morbid with anti-authoritarianism and direct action.

Well known for its extremely graphic photos and explicit instructions concerning the making of explosives, poisons, drugs, and sabotage devices, it can be described as a cross between zines Boiled Angel, Living In a Powderkeg and the books Ecodefense, and Poor Man's James Bond.

Issues 1-3 were published in Bronx, NY from 1990-1991.


Angel of Death #1

Released May 1990. 86 pages.
Pure Fucking Death Issue
Contents include The Manifesto of Neckrolism, murder articles, autopsy photos, poetry, fire eating and fire breathing, colored fires, flamethrowers, brewing botulism, necrophilia, artwork, nightmares, exotic cuisine (dog, cat, reptile, insect, etc. recipes), cannibalism and sacrifice, primitive surgery, making C4 plastique, claymore mines, chemical poisons, poison gases, hype culture, making ricin and abrin, legal psychoactive plants, Khmer Rogue, torture techniques, making laughing gas, anti-authority collages, black magick curses.

Angel of Death #2

Released December 1990. 96 pages.
Darkness, Chaos, and the Unamerikan Way Issue.
Contents include fan mail,murder articles, Ed Gein, Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path), Dr. Death, time delay fire, incendiary torches, napalm, RDX, explosive flour, grenades, tear and stink gases, DMSO, poisonous plants, assassination tips and devices, boobytraps, making your own stun gun, eye and brain surgery, care of scorpions and spiders, tips to succeeding in killing, autopsy and embalming, radiation poisoning, amputation and dissection, parasites, fatal diseases, sabotaging utilities, trashing corporations and automobiles, direct action for anarchists, reusing postage stamps, urban evasion, suicide, sadomasochism, secret ciphers, anti-authority collages, candle making, poetry.

Angel of Death #3

Released June 1991. 53 pages.
Apocalypse Now Issue
Contents include fan mail and zine reviews, murder and assorted violence articles, dust explosives, flash powder, arson by incendiaries, TNT, PETN, various other explosives, explosive paper, timed and radio detonation boobytraps, land mines, assassination techniques, flechette gun, poison gases, chemical and plant poisons, class warfare, sabotage and direct action, phone wiretapping, lockpicking, anti-authority collages, poetry, alternate highs, DMT manufacture, medical photos.