Andrew Mall

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Andrew Mall

Andrew Mall (born July 2, 1978) is a zinester from Chicago, IL. He grew up in New Jersey, attended college in Pennsylvania, and moved to Chicago in 2002 to attend graduate school. Mall graduated in June 2003 with a Masters of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. He is currently a PhD student in Ethnomusicology at the University of Chicago.

Mall has written five issues of Living Proof, a perzine documenting stories from his past. He also edited the compzine Sanitary and Ship (with Kate Sandler and Aaron Cynic). In August 2005, Mall toured as part of the Perpetual Motion Roadshow. He has performed at zine readings in Chicago since 2004, has presented zine workshops with Aaron Cynic, and (along with Emerson Dameron) has worked at local community radio station WLUW since 2004.


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