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Altair was a science fiction fanzine by Ed Cox.

Altair was published in Lubec, Maine, U.S.A. It was a mimeographed fanzine limited to 100 copies per issue, and was distributed by the Fantasy Amateur Press Association.

The first issue appeared in February 1950. The cover art for this issue was by Henry Chabot. The first issue also included the article "Lovecraft Revisited" by Dave Thomas. Other contributors included Art Rapp (Spacewarp), and Harry Warner, Jr. (Horizons).

It was in his FAPAzine that the origin of the fannish tradition of "Ed Cox Doodle" began. As reported by Dave Lock in the September 2008 Time and Again #5, Ed Cox told Dave Locke over the phone, " my FAPAzine, I did't have any illustration to put in. So I just left blank spaces here and there, and told everyone they could fill them in as they pleased...As a result of that Roy Tackett started leaving blank spaces in his own zine (actually he just started utilizing blank spaces) but he would put the words "Ed Cox Doodle More" inside the blank space. For some reason or other, other fans started doing it Somewhere along the way it got shortened to "Ed Cox Doodle"."

Ed Cox also co-edited the fanzine Triton with Russell Harold Woodman, and on his own released the titles Esdacyos, and Maine-iac.