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The Allied Media Conference cultivates strategies for a more just and creative world. Participants come together to share tools and tactics for transforming our communities through media-based organizing. AMC is held each summer in Detroit.


The conference began as the Midwest Zine Conference in 1999, focusing on the concept of do-it-yourself media. Later, as the Underground Publishing Conference, the emphasis was on building a movement of alternative media makers. In 2003, the conference was renamed as the Allied Media Conference. With the shift towards Allied Media, the AMC has attracted more and more people who are interested in using participatory media as a strategy for social justice organizing.

The AMC was previously held in Toldeo, Ohio, and was organized by the editors of Clamor Magazine and other members of Allied Media Projects. After Clamor ceased publication in 2006, AMC was taken over by a five-person staff collective based in Detroit.

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