Alan Wright

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Alan Wright wrote about rock'n'roll music for a wide variety of zines and magazines starting in the mid-'80s, including What Wave, Feline Frenzy, Maximum Rock 'N' Roll, Flipside, Between The Lines, The Rocket, The Stranger, Brutarian, 10 Things Jesus Wants You To Know, The BOB, Ugly Things, Misty Lane and Hit List. He published his first zine What Now? in 1987 and later produced Cryptic Tymes and Do The Pop!. His head was a library of rock and punk information and he helped coordinate a few '60s garage and '70s punk band reissues and anthologies. Originally from Canada, he and his wife Lisa moved to Seattle in 1993, where he wrote, published zines, played in bands, and worked for the Lifelong AIDS Alliance. He was a drummer and played for a bunch of bands, including The 14th Wray, Thee Upper Crust, The Primate 5, The Castros, The Infernal Three, The Reckless Bastards, and finally The Earaches. Sadly in June of 2004 Alan took his own life.