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Abstract was a science fiction fanzine by Peter J. Vorzimer.

Abstract was published in the 1950s in Goleta, California, U.S.A.

Contributing artists included Bradley, and William Rotsler.

Contributors of articles included Irene Baron, Robert Bloch, Terry Carr (Innuendo), E. Everett Evans (Nova, The Timebinder, The National Fantasy Fan), Burton Satz, and Charles Wilgus.

Regular columnists included Dean Grennell (Grue, Filler), Denis Moreen (Spiral), and Bob Stewart.

Contributors of fiction included Harlan Ellison (Science Fantasy Bulletin).

Letters came from Richard Geis, Sam Johnson, Fred Malz, Carol McKinney (Deviant), Art Rapp (Spacewarp, The National Fantasy Fan), Jan Sadler (SLANder), Walt Willis (Hyphen).

In 1954, Peter Vorziner started the APA "The Cult", which lasted into the mid-sixties.

In a letter to Idea #11, from October 1997, Tom Perry, editor of Quark, gives us an idea of the esteem Peter Vorzimer was held in the 1950s: "Back in the midseventies, I was passing along memories of a fifties fan named Peter Vorzimer to a young correspondent who had run across some of his fanzines. I mentioned his burst of activity and subsequent disappearance from fandom, and concluded by saying that Terry Carr was probably right when he had speculated that whatever Vorzimer turned his hand to, he was probably making ten thousand a year. This was a cliche in the fifties for a young person who achieved early financial success. My correspondent wrote back in some indignation, saying he was sure that someone of Vorzimer's demonstrated talent and energy certainly earned more than ten grand. He had thought that Carr was sneering that Vorz was living well below what had subsequently become the poverty level."

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