Aaron Cynic

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File:Aaron cynic.jpg
Aaron Cynic in December, 2005

Aaron Cynic is a zine writer and project organizer in Chicago, IL. His zines include Diatribe Zine and Vices Make My Life More Interesting. He is the founder of Diatribe Media and a staff member of Fall of Autumn.


Aaron Cynic was born April 30, 1979. He grew up in Tinley Park, IL, where he attended parochial school until high school, for which he attended Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, IL. He received his bachelors degree in 2003 from Columbia College of Chicago. In 2005, Cynic moved from the south suburbs into the city of Chicago.

Also he was in a band called The Cynix. He should probably write something all about that here because his girlfriend never pays attention and can't remember any of the details.