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The eagle defensive coordinator is looking at the main atmosphere in the super bowl.
After the Viking people lost the first opportunity to fight in the superb bowl, the eagle who got admission ticket began to pray.

Regarding whether the neutral stadium is more similar to the farm operation, the eagle defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said: "We have not played the game in neutral scene, really not said. But after the game, I And other players can feel the madness of Philadelphia. The last eagle enters the super bowl. It has already been a bit old. If the fans can go to Los Angeles with the team, some people can go to Minneapolis to support us, I hope they will let them The super bowl becomes our homeland & hellip; & hellip; it is not easy to get a super bowl ticket, the road is not a laughter. But I want to have a green ocean in the scene, the eagle war song will be echoed in the alley, of course, The battle song of the opponent (patriots) will also ring. I want neutral fields that will not really be like neutrality. "

Of course, cheap jerseys the last key is whether the eagle fan is better than the number of people, cheap jerseys from china after all, cheap nfl jerseys the patriot fans have spent a lot of money in the super bow in recent years.