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Zugang was a zine from Richmond, Indiana.

Published in the late 1980's , Zugang covered the punk and hardcore scene. The first issue of the zine was entitled Impaled Details but by the second issue the name had changed to Zugang and would remain so for the next seven issues. There were interviews with bands such as Anti Scrunti Faction, Kumi Katyrit (issue 1); Sub, Impulse Manslaughter, Desecration (issue 2); Transgression, G.A.S.H., Psycho Sin (issue 3); Radiation Sickness, The Fixtures, Hand Of Doom (issue 4); Freaks of Nature, SNFU, Libido Boys, Moral Crux, Action Figure (issue 5); Skeletal Earth, Hellbound, Fifth Column (issue 6); Dryrot, Lie Detectors and the writer White Boy (issue 7); 2 Car Family, Social Outcast (issue 8). Also featured was writing on politics, religion, racism, tax resistance, straight edge, and censorship.

Zugang also released a number of cassette compilation tapes, such as Back Stabbing Two Faced Compilation, Frisk, Nature In the Raw and Acu-Punk-Ture.

Zugang was a photocopied cut and paste zine that was published by Lisa L. and was always free, throughout its eight issue run.