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The best donation you can provide is your time. Please add to and edit the current content on the site.

If you'd like to make a donation to assist with the costs of hosting this site, or if you'd like to become an official sponsor, please contact jerianne at undergroundpress dot org.

Official Sponsors

Zine World

Zine World
Zine World is a source for reviews and information about zines, comics, self-published books, chapbooks, and other DIY stuff. Currently the largest zine review zine being published in the U.S., Zine World is an extensive guide to zine culture. For more than 10 years, Zine World has been written, edited and published by an all-volunteer staff who believe free speech is for everyone, not just for giant corporations. We’re excited about the potential of the free press, and we want to tell you everything we know about it - which zines are terrific (and which aren’t); how you can find information and resources on exactly the topics you’re interested in; and the latest news of people being threatened, sued, expelled from school, or jailed for what they’ve said or written.