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'''Comatulid''' Is the pen name of Dominick Simone a zine editor operating out of Northern California.
Dominick has been making and selling zines since late 2009 often changing titles between different issues. Some zines he has made include: Feather Star, Flower Bomb, Comatulid, A Time To Die, Silo, and Physical Sciences of the Dead. The zines are often rooted in surreal narratives made more so by typing errors and the ambiguous nature of the narrator. Some of his earlier issues covered experimental noise music and other undergound music. The later zines often exhibit an effective display of cut-out imagery that meshes with the hallucinatory writings. The result is akin to an Avante Garde film, of which Comatulid loves to absorb. The name Comatulid translates as "Floating Flower".  The editor is also a fan of squatting, feminism, and Beat Authors such as Richard Brautigan.  The print run of each issue is often under 100 copies and are distributed by scattering them to passerbys around tourist traps in hip shopping districts or at underground shows. Afterwards he often sets to making a new zine rather than increase his print run.
email: dompro71@yahoo.com
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