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ZiP: Zine in Progress is a polymegazine inspired by Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco's Mission District. ZiP was conceived by veteran zinester Tony Longshanks LeTigre and his wizardly doppelganger, the Whimsical Wizard of ZiP (Whimzy) in late 2011, and launched its first issue on Valentine's Day, 2012. ZiP and related projects have a website currently in development and already fairly easy on the eyes.

By "polymegazine" we mean that it is a collaborative zine with a variety of contributors, and in addition to that it is a fairly large-scale and high-end zine. ZiP01, released Feb. 2012, was 60 pages long, with a digitally designed layout, printed with color covers.

ZiP is unusual in a number of respects. For one, its pagination is in Hexadecimal or Base 16 rather than the conventional decimal system. Each quarterly installment is called a Chapter rather than an Issue or Volume, the idea being that ZiP is in fact one megazinebook published as a serial. In keeping with this concept, the numbering of pages will continue from one chapter to the next, rather than starting over at 1 with each new publication.

Each ZiP chapter has its own unique title, treated as a subtitle of ZiP. ZiP has its own zine classification system, which we can illustrate with the full ZIDN (Zine Identification Number) for ZiP Chapter 1:


This can be broken down as "ZiP Chapter 1, Folio Print, 1st Quarter (Jan-March) 2012, Chapter Title: 7DC (which, incidentally, is Hexadecimal for "2012")