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Zenith was a fanzine created by Harry Turner in the 1940s in Manchester, England.

Harry Turner was one of the illustrators for Futurian War Digest and other science fiction zines. Zenith featured his art work, with two and three colour covers. It was a mimeographed and stapled zine. Six issues were released.

The first issue appeared in August of 1941. It included contributions from John F. Burke, writing on Wells and Huxley, "The Reprint Racket" by Ted Carnell, fiction bu Maurice K. Hanson, poetry by C.S. Youd, and illustration of Poe by Turner.

Issue two was released in October of 1941,


Zenith was frequently distributed as a split zine with Futurian War Digest due to the lack of resources during the period of World War II.