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Your House is Mine

Your House is Mine is a newspaper of book and street project of the samename, published by Bullet Space 1988-1992. Bullet Space is an anarchist squatter community since 1982.

Contributing artists and authors: David Wojnarowicz, Anton van Dalen, John Fekner, Nadia Coen, Matrtin Wong, Lady Pink, David Hammons, 
Lee Quinones, James Romberger, Marguerite van Cook, Juan Sanchez, Eric 
Drooker, Chris Burden, Pedro Pietri, Miquel Algarin, Miquel Pinero, 
Andrew Castrucci, Krzystof Wodiczko, Bimbo Rivas, Adam Purple, Daze, Cookie Mueller, Allen Ginsberg, Hettie Jones, the Missing Foundation, Paul Castrucci, Stash Two and others.

"This project is a collection of images and texts, defining and expressing the broad and essential issue of housing on the Lower East Side, and is a statement of the underlying force of 'art as a means of resistance'. It is both a documentation and expression of social/political issues in our neighborhood, and on a larger scale to symbolize similar conflicts in other parts of the world."

Your House is Mine (newsprint) is included in the collection of the St. Patrick's Zine Library.

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