You can't hide your love forever

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you can't hide your love forever Issue two

you cant hide your love forever is a zine published by Alan Kovan and edited by Dave Segal.

This zine was released in Michigan during the late 1980's and continued into the 1990's. It features indie rock,punk, post-punk, and lo-fi bands from the late 1980's such as Beat Happening, The Fall, The Flatmates, Vulva, and Wedding Present. Issue two features interviews with Frank Black of The Pixies, They Might be Giants, and Kristen Hersh of Throwing Muses; issue four features interviews with Loop, Lush, My Bloody Valentine, World Domination Enterprises, Melody Maker magazine rock critic Simon Reynolds, and author Dennis Cooper. Other articles include a history of Noise Rock and the label Sub Pop. Also included were extensive reviews of recordings.

The staff for this zine is listed as Michael Segal, John A, Huston, and David Segal. Listed contributors are Prudence Bititnikoff and Paula G. Pfaff. Other contributors included Geoffrey Fitton and Erin Smith, with photos by Gregg Newsom and Erin Smith, and artwork by David Gedge.