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Yard Sale! #1
Yard Sale! #1

Yard Sale! is a pop music and comics zine operating out of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada by Harley R. Pageot. The first issue was made available in late May 2009 and included interviews with the dancehall duo Bonjay, David Barclay of indiepop bands The Endless Bummer and The Diskettes and Kristin Cheung of the website http://www.papercubs.com/ in addition to comics by Harley, reviews, games, and more.

A second issue is expected to be released sometime in August and Yard Sale! is hoped to stay on a three-month release schedule.

Harley has said that he was largely inspired to make his own zine due to the popular zines Bottle Rocket and Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams as well as by the comics of John Porcellino.

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