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Xtra Tuf

Xtra Tuf is a zine by Moe Bowstern about commercial fishing. The fifth and most recent issue, The Strike Issue, was printed as a perfect-bound book.

To be specific, Moe fished Salmon in Kodiak, Alaska, which makes her tough as shit. Whether Kodiak is the last place, the worst place or the best place in the world is debatable; however, as anyone who has been there can tell you, it is the birthplace of clouds. Moe's descriptions of Alaska and Kodiak, especially of the special species that gets up at ungodly hours to catch fish, are accurate and amusing. The zine occasionally comes with recipes.

Xtra Tuf was one of the publications included in the 2002 Mobilivre-Bookmobile travelling library of independent publications that toured throughout North America.