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Xero was a fanzine published by Patricia Lupoff and Richard Lupoff.

In 1960, Pat and Dick Lupoff started Xero, a mimeographed science fiction fanzine that also included general interest subjects, pop culture, and commentary on comics as well. After 10 issues it had become so successful it became too much work for the couple and they ceased publication in 1963. It won a Hugo Award for 'Best Fanzine' in 1963.

Because of its coverage of comics, Xero is considered to be the direct antecedent of later fanzines devoted to comics and featured a flip book supplement with a series of articles on comics called "All In Color For A Dime by Richard Lupoff.

Artists contributing to Xero include Dan Adkins, ATom, Cathy Bell, Lin Carter, Larry Ivie, Eddie Jones, Roy G. Krenkel, bhob Stewart, Steve Stiles and Maggie Thompson.

Comics were contributed by Landon Chesney, Gary Deindorfer, Henry Mazzeo, Andy Reiss, bhob Stewart, and Steve Stiles.

Contributors included Otto Binder, Bill Blackbeard, James Blish, Bob Briney, L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, Norm Clarke (Queebshots), Buck Coulson, Avran Davison, Roger Ebert, Richard Ellington, Harlan Ellison, Tom Fagan, Roy Goulart, Larry Jarris, Richard Kyle, Ethel Lindsay, H. P. Norton, Frederik Pohl (The International Observer of Science and Science Fiction), Bill Schelly, Chris Steinbrenner, Roy Thomas, Don Thompson, Bob Tucker (Le Zombie), Donald Westlake, Ted White, Walt Willis and Donald Wollheim.

The fanzine included a review of Psycho by Harlan Ellison, a review of Kingsley Amis' study of SF, New Maps of Hell by James Blish, and Donald Westlakes's farewell to SF.

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