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Wrinkled Shrew was a science fiction fanzine by Pat Charnock.

Poblished in London, England, the first issue of Wrinkled Shrew appeared in July 1974. It featured writing by Pat Charnock and Graham Charnock, Graham Hall, Dick Howett, Charles Platt (Beyond), and Chris Priest. Some subsequent issues were edited by both Pat and Graham Charnock.

Contributors to issue 2 and 3 included Malcolm Edwards, Dave Garnett, Graham Hall, Cas Skelton (Small Friendly Dog), and Graham Charnock writing about his experiences recording an album with Michael Moorcock (A Fanzine Called Eustace, Typo). Issue 4 carried articles by Dick Howett, Roy Kettle, and a convention report from Peter Nicholls, voted 'Best Article' in the Checkpoint Poll for 1975-76. In the fifth issue Dick Howett does an illustrated column and Roy Kettle continues his memoirs. The 6th issue contains cartoons and a column by Dick Howett, and contributions by Roy Kettle, Joseph Nicholas (Vector), and Chris Priest. Issue 7, from March 1977 featured contributions from Robert Holdstock (Macrocosm), Tom Perry (Quark), Greg Pickersgill (Stop Breaking Down), Charles Platt, Andrew Stephenson and a fanzine review column by D West that won another 'Best Article' award for Wrinkled Shrew in the Checkpoint Poll for 1977, as well as winning in the 'Best Single Issue' category. Issue 8, from 1978, won the award for Best Fanzine Cover in the Checkpoint Poll of 1978-1979, with cover art work by Pauline Jones, and limerick by Graham Charnock.

8 issues were published, the last in April 1979.

Wrinkled Shrew was voted Best Fanzine in the Checkpoint Reader's Poll for 1976/77.

Wrinkled Shrew was considered to be a part of the group of fans and fanzines known as 'RatFandom'.

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