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"Woven" is an occasional literary anthology zine. It initially captivates by its physical structure: each volume is on a single piece of paper, folded and cut into an unusually shaped handheld book. Often there is no singular beginning or end; instead it unfolds from something small into something overflowing.

Woven is published in Auckland, New Zealand. The editor selects a theme and presents a half dozen high quality poems and short prose and sometimes art; each piece is signed and includes the author's email address. The editor is a woman identified in Woven #4 as "Agent M" but elsewhere as Moira Clunie. Woven is distributed globally. http://nutmeg.gen.nz/woven/


woven 4: secret

woven 5: memory

woven 6: the city

woven 7: science fiction (announced for 2008)