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*[http://www.infyc.tk I.N.F.Y]
*[http://www.infyc.tk I.N.F.Y]
[[Category:Distro|World War]] [[Category:Active Distros|World War]]
[[Category:Distro|World War]] [[Category:Active Distros|World War]] [[Category:Republic of Ireland Distros]]

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World War VII distro is a new distro operating from Wexford Town in the Republic of Ireland. The distro was started by Kevin Kavanagh in 2007 to facilitate the distribution of zines,records,and other DIY products at gigs set up by the local collective he is part of, Independent Noise For Youths (I.N.F.Y).


World War VII distro is run on D.I.Y principles,by members of the I.N.F.Y collective-catering mostly (but not exclusively) to people looking for D.I.Y products at punk gigs,and via other methods. The distro sells items at local gigs, at a set up 'distro table', and also through the postal system. Trading is another method which the distro operates. Details can be found by getting in contact via the I.N.F.Y web site, listed below.


If you would like to see current products available through the distro, order, or find out anything else pertaining the distro, you can e-mail Kevin at tears_ina_vial@yahoo.ie for more information.

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