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The front and back covers of Wizard 1966

Wizard was a science fiction fanzine by Alma Hill.

Wizard was published in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. The first issue appeared in May 1966. The fanzine covered SF news, conventions, and included fanzine reviews. The second issue appeared in July 1966, and the 4th in Summer 1967. It featured advice to budding writers.

Contributions of art work came from Jim Cawthorn.

Alma Hill was a member of the Boston Science Fiction Society, and also ran the National Fan Federation's Writer's Bureau. She started a small group for writers that has included members such as Piers Anthony, George Barr, Frances Hall, Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Robert Margroff, and Andrew Offut, exchanging letters and criticizing manuscripts. As well, Hill wrote short fiction for science fiction magazines such as Future Science Fiction, Other Worlds, Spaceway, and Worlds of IF Science Fiction, Science Fiction Stories, and contributed to fanzines such as Skyrack. She also edited the fanzine ZZZ in the 1960s.