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==External Link==
==External Link==
*[[Stitchy Press]]
*[http://www.stitchypress.com Stitchy Press]

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Willie Jones is a zine editor and zine distro owner from Dublin, Ireland.

From 1995 till 2002, Willie published nine issues of the punk zine Non Plastique, focusing on events in his life, skateboarding and gig stories, and zine reviews. The last issue dealt with his two year stay in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. During this time, Willie was part of the Y'erd Me? Zine Tour, where he joined a number of other zine editors on a tour in which they read from their zines. After the tour a compilation zine was released, called Y'erd Me?, to document the event.

Willie has been active in the world of zines for a number of years. While publishing Non Plastique in Dublin, he was also running a zine distro called Ultra Red Star; he then ran a zine and record label called Holy Virility.

Upon his return to Ireland from the U.S., Jones opened a zine and alternative literature shop in Dublin named Red Ink Radical Books and Zines, which lasted around two years until increased rental costs in the city forced its closure.

Willie Jones now runs a zine and music distro called Stitchy Press which has plans to publish books and which has already released a CD by The Ghastly Grimey Orchestra of New Orleans and a 7" single by the band Party Weirdo.



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